Health & Safety

Having a safe working environment is crucial to the long-term success of RockRose, and regular audits are conducted to guarantee we are an industry leader in terms of our health and safety policies.

Operating in a safe and secure manner is an absolute priority for RockRose and our health and safety policies are under constant review in order to ensure our operations are as secure as possible. We place a great deal of importance on risk assessment and work with all our employees, contractors, and visitors to manage and negate any potential risk to safety, which guarantees we deliver the highest possible protection.

As is consistent with our other corporate responsibility policies, RockRose is committed to not only meeting industry and legal standards but going beyond what is required to adopt industry best practice relating to health and safety.

RockRose has stringent, industry leading, policies in place to identify and control any possible risks posed to the health and safety of those working on our sites. We implement in-depth and specific training to those working on our sites, meaning they are equipped to recognise any risks and act accordingly.