UK Southern North Sea


RockRose has non-operated interests in several producing fields in the Southern Gas Basin of the UK North Sea. Interests in Tors, Grove, and Seven Seas were purchased from Sojitz Energy in 2017 as the Company built out its portfolio of producing assets.

As part of the SSE E&P acquisition in 2021 RockRose gained interests in the BCA, ECA and Sean areas.

UK Southern Gas Basin

RockRose has several non-operated interests in producing fields in the UK Southern Gas Basin, including Tors (RockRose 15.00%), Grove (RockRose 15.00%), Galahad (RockRose 27.80%), Mordred (RockRose 8.33%), and Seven Seas (RockRose 10.00%). Tors comprises the Kilmar and Garrow gas fields, which came onstream in 2006 and 2007 respectively. They are linked to the Perenco-operated Trent Field and export gas via the Esmond Transportation System to the Bacton terminal in Norfolk. The Grove field delivers gas to the Netherlands via the Markham complex. The Galahad field and its satellite, Mordred, produce small amounts of gas and have been onstream since the 1990s. The Seven Seas gas field, operated by Spirit, is a single subsea well development that exports gas via West Sole to the Dimlington gas terminal. RockRose’s net production from these interests was 2 MMcf/d in 2018.

Bacton Catchment Area (BCA)

The BCA, located in the UK Southern North Sea, comprises eleven gas fields, seven of which are producing fields (Bell – 35.1% WI, Leman East – 21.7% WI, Leman South –  21.7% WI , Indefatigable (including Indefatigable SW) – 23.1% WI, Davy & North Davy (27.78% WI), Boyle & Browne (27.8% WI), and two recently abandoned fields (Bessemer and Beaufort). The main fields in the BCA are Leman and Indefatigable. All fields are operated by Perenco. In addition Rockrose holds a 22.19% interest in the Perenco operated Bacton Terminal, and between 9.84% and 13.67% interest in the Inde/Leman Joint Compression Pipeline, operated by Shell.

Production commenced from Leman and Indefatigable fields in 1969 and 1971 respectively. Development of the smaller satellite fields started in 1993. Production from those Perenco operated fields are produced via the Indefatigable and Leman platforms to the Bacton Gas Terminal. Six smaller fields are produced through the Indefatigable facility. Four of these, Davy, North Davy, Brown and Boyle, are delivered via the Davy platform and flowed back to Indefatigable. Bell is produced via the Bessemer platform and flowed back to Indefatigable. Leman East is produced through the Leman facilities.

Indefatigable has been developed with 4 platforms and 40 wells with the gas is transported via 30” –  22.3 mile pipeline to the Leman 27B platform complex. Eastern Leman was developed with nine platforms and 92 wells with the gas transported via 30” – 40.3 mile pipeline  the Bacton Terminal.  Considering the age of the infrastructure, decommissioning work is planned to start during 2022.

Linked to this, is the Southern Hub Asset Rationalisation Project (SHARP), a strategic investment to extend the economic production life of the existing Leman and Indefatigable gas fields. To achieve this, Indefatigable 23A and Leman 27A will free flow to Leman 27B where a new low- pressure compression platform modified from an existing drilling rig is installed. The existing Indefatigable 23A and Leman 27A assets will become Normally Unmanned Installations (NUIs) thus allowing production operations to continue in a more cost-efficient manner.

Easington Catchment Area (ECA)

The ECA, located in the UK Southern North Sea, comprises six gas fields which include Apollo (50% WI), Minerva (50% WI), Mercury (50% WI), Whittle (33.7% WI), Eris (46% WI) and Wollaston (33.7% WI).  Wollaston was recently recompleted. All fields are operated by Perenco UK, except Eris which is operated by Spirit.

Gas from these ECA fields as well as several other non-equity fields are combined at the Cleeton Platform and exported via a 36-inch gas pipeline to the Dimlington Gas Terminal (the adjacent Easington terminal is largely decommissioned). The Cleeton Platform includes facilities for the processing and compression of gas produced from Ravenspurn South and the ECA Fields, although the compression facility on Cleeton, was replaced in 2016 with onshore compression at Dimlington.  After compression, the gas is sent to the Dimlington Terminal for conditioning prior to returning into the Easington terminal for metering and export into the UK National Transmission System. Condensate, after separation, is also exported to the Dimlington Terminal for stabilisation and storage.


The Sean gas field, located in the UK Southern North Sea, is operated by ONE-Dyas and situated 100km from the Norfolk coast and consists of two fixed bridge linked platforms (Sean Papa) and an outlying NUI (Sean Romeo). Dry gas is exported to Bacton Terminal via a 30” subsea pipeline and processed through the Shell facility at the terminal. Sean is an aging field and currently working toward a CoP of Q4 2024, yet production volumes remain steady and dependable so production may extend beyond 2024.