RockRose Energy is dedicated to reducing the impact of our operations on the environment and contributing to long-term sustainability goals. We are aware of the challenges associated with the current stage of the energy transition, given the necessity for fossil fuels to remain the main energy source in the foreseeable future. We recognize the important role of oil and gas companies to secure a steady supply of locally produced, less CO2-intensive hydrocarbons in contribution to net-zero goals.

We support the energy transition through the following activities incorporated in our business strategy as part of our ESG responsibilities:


Our Responsibilities

Our Actions

Investing in comparatively clean hydrocarbons with lower carbon emissions

Over 70% of our assets are gas fields, considered the cleanest hydrocarbon

Investing in local energy sources to ensure the stability of the energy supply and avoid increased carbon emissions from imported fossil fuels

Our portfolio and long-term investment strategy are focused solely on North Sea assets in the UKCS and the Netherlands

Disposing of assets that ceased production in accordance with NSTA guiding principles

We endorse the most sustainable solutions available for assets that reached full capacity, including their repurposing as carbon capture storage projects and decommissioning

Investing in prolonging the life cycle of mature assets to their full capacity

Most of our portfolio in the UK Southern North Sea and the Netherlands consists of mature gas assets

Investing in assets whose operators have the means and strategic goals to support the energy transition

As part of our partner vetting process, we ensure that the operators of the assets we invest in have effective ESG frameworks in place and the resources to carry out their activities in accordance with relevant industry standards

Investing in carbon-offsetting projects and initiatives

The Sustainability Report we are currently developing will include a carbon-offsetting strategy for supporting worthy projects and initiatives

See our recent environmental responsibility initiatives: