Our People


We believe that our success is reliant on our people, and we strive to create a working environment where every team member can reach their full potential. To this end, we seek to nurture a company culture that encourages an exchange of ideas and taking initiative regardless of the formal roles in the organisation.

An environment that combines individual freedom of expression with appropriate technical expertise allows us to cultivate a high-performing team, where each member is driven to leave their own mark on our group’s notable growth trajectory. Self-actualisation through being part of something bigger is at the core of our value system.

This is reflected in Viaro Group’s business strategy, whose consistent positive results have proven that investments bolstering the local economy lead to proportionately higher returns. On an individual level, we consider contributing to our local community an integral part of our ethos and team spirit, allowing us to bond over shared meaningful experiences.

Our Values


We do not just work together, we support, challenge and celebrate each other. We recognise that in this way, we can help each other develop personally and professionally. This makes us a stronger team and creates a culture focused on delivering the best results.


Staying true to our shared values is fundamental to our success. We believe in being part of something bigger than any of us individually, with our own conduct being the measure of our organisation’s good reputation. Only by maintaining integrity can we be proud of what we are building.


We nurture the attitude that different perspectives on shared goals allow us to recognise more opportunities. To this end, we listen to each other, learn from each other, share knowledge with each other and challenge each other to ensure every team member reaches their maximum potential.


We foster a culture that is geared towards well-informed decision-making in a timely manner. Such a working environment inspires knowledge sharing and an exchange of opinions with the goal of finding the best solutions by playing to every team member’s strength. Optimising our knowledge and experience makes us more responsive to opportunities and risks.


We believe it is important for our team members to understand their role in advancing the renewable energy transition. Considering the carbon footprint associated with our operations, we look to endorse environmental initiatives that our employees can participate in directly, in order to appreciate the effort required to restore the ecosystem on any level and therefore make more thoughtful and measured business decisions.

Through our partnerships with local charity initiatives, our team is able to take part in activities that enrich their personal and professional development. Read more about our recent charitable activities here.