UK Southern North Sea

RockRose Energy has interests in several producing fields in the Southern Gas Basin of the UK North Sea. Interests in Tors, Grove, and Seven Seas were purchased from Sojitz Energy in 2017. As part of Viaro Energy’s 2021 acquisition of SSE E&P gas assets, RockRose Energy gained interests in the Bacton Capture Area, the Easington Capture Area, and the Sean Field System. In 2023, Viaro Energy completed a farm-in agreement with Hartshead Resources Ltd., whereby RockRose Energy will be the operator of the Anning and Somerville fields.

Bacton Catchment Area (BCA)

The BCA comprises 11 gas fields operated by Perenco UK, 7 of which are producing fields. The 2 main fields in the BCA are Leman and Indefatigable, which began production in 1969 and 1971, respectively. The development of smaller associated fields began in 1993 and is largely conducted through the 2 main fields. RockRose Energy holds non-operated interests in the Bell, East and South Leman, Indefatigable (including Indefatigable SW), Davy and North Davy, Boyle, and Browne fields. In addition, RockRose has interests in the Perenco-operated Bacton Terminal and the Shell-operated Inde/Leman Joint Compression Pipeline.

Out of the 6 smaller fields produced through the Indefatigable facility, the gas from the 4 RockRose assets (Davy, North Davy, Browne, and Boyle) is delivered via the Davy platform and flowed back to Indefatigable. Gas from Bell is produced via the abandoned Bessemer platform and flowed back to Indefatigable. The Indefatigable field has been developed with 4 platforms and 40 wells, and its gas is transported to the Leman 27B platform via a pipeline. Leman gas is produced through the Leman facilities and transported to the Bacton Terminal via a pipeline.

Equity: 35.1% (Bell); 21.7% (Leman fields); 23.1% (Indefatigable fields); 27.78% (Davy fields); 27.8% (Boyle); 27.5% (Browne); 22.19% (Bacton Terminal); 9.84-13.67% (Inde/Leman Joint Compression Pipeline)

Status: Onstream

Location: The BCA is located in the Southern North Sea, off the coast of Norfolk.

Potential: Viaro Energy acquired interests in several BCA fields in 2021, as part of its long-term strategy to support life extension initiatives for mature gas assets in the North Sea. Considering the age of the infrastructure, the operator initiated the Southern Hub Asset Rationalisation Project (SHARP), a strategic investment project designed to extend the economic production life of the existing Leman and Indefatigable gas fields. The assets are being modified to become Normally Unmanned Installations, and redundant facilities are planned to be removed, thereby delivering a more efficient and cost-effective production operation.

Latest Production Results: ~3,800 boepd / 6.7 Mmboe net to RockRose in 2022

Easington Catchment Area (ECA)

RockRose Energy has interests in 6 gas fields that comprise the ECA and include Apollo, Minerva, Whittle, Eris, Wollaston, and Mercury. All fields are operated by Perenco UK, except Eris, whose operator is Spirit Energy. Gas from these ECA fields, as well as several other non-equity fields, is combined at the Cleeton Platform and exported via a 36-inch gas pipeline to the Dimlington Gas Terminal.

Equity: 50% (Apollo, Minerva, Mercury); 46% (Eris); 33.7% (Whittle); 33.5% (Wollaston)

Status: Onstream


Location: The ECA lies between 40 and 50 kilometres off the Yorkshire coast.

Potential: Viaro Energy’s 2021 investment in the ECA gas fields has meaningfully contributed to the extension of their economic production life. As most ECA fields are mature, their operators are committed to minimising greenhouse gas emissions through adherence with industry best practices and use of advanced technology. This will enable ECA fields to continue producing gas in the decades to come.

Latest Production Results: ~3,400 boepd / 9.9 Mmboe net to RockRose in 2022

Sean Field System

The Sean area consists of the Sean North, Sean South, and Sean East fields, operated by ONE Dyas. The fields are part of the BCA and consist of 3 surface-breaking structures through Sean Papa: 2 bridge-linked platforms – a wellhead and compression platform (PD) and a production and accommodation platform (PP) – and Sean Romeo (RD), a Not Permanently Attended Installation (NPAI). RD is connected to PP through a 20-inch infield duplex flowline (PL310). The Sean Field System has produced gas from 10 wells on Sean PD and 6 wells on Sean RD. Gas from Sean is transported through a 106.502 kilometre-long and 30-inch-wide gas export pipeline to the Bacton Terminal (PL311 trunkline).

Equity: 50%

Status: Onstream


Location: Sean lies approximately 94 kilometres east of the UK coastline and 15 kilometres from the UK/Netherlands border.

Potential: Viaro Energy acquired an interest in the Sean field system in 2021 in order to support the recovery of its reserves to their fullest production capacity. Sean has been a reliable source of domestic energy for decades, with Sean North and South fields beginning production in 1986, and Sean East in 1994.

Latest Production Results: Included in 2022 BCA results.

Anning and Somerville Fields

Anning and Somerville are gas development fields acquired by Viaro Energy in 2023, as part of a farm-in agreement with Hartshead Resources. RockRose Energy will assume operatorship of the fields prior to first gas, the company’s first operator role since the acquisition by Viaro Energy. The Concept Select determined that 2 x NUIs will be installed (1 at each field) utilising a low-emission power generation technology with a tie-back to an existing host platform.

Equity: 60%

Status: Pre-development appraisal

Location: The fields are located in the Southern North Sea, approximately 29 kilometres from the Inde field and 55 kilometres from Sean.

Potential: The FID is anticipated to be reached before the end of 2023. As part of the Phase 1 Development, the potential of the two fields is estimated at net 2C resources of 22MMboe, with further opportunities associated with Phase 2 & 3 Development.